Aiforia is a Finnish company providing image analysis software utilising artificial intelligence (“AI”). Aiforia’s business model is based on the development and utilisation of AI models in the analysis of tissue and cell samples relating to medical research and diagnostics.
Aiforia aims to be the global leader in AI-assisted tissue sample analytics.



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Deep learning AI platform for healthcare

Translating images into data, discoveries, and diagnoses.


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Aiforia's users around
the world

Aiforia's cloud platform is used globally 

Aiforia Users - Report


3000+ users Pathologists, medical scientists,
and researchers use Aiforia's AI and
image analysis tools worldwide.
50+ countries Aiforia's cloud-based software and
services are used in over 50 countries across the world.
1 million+ images Over 1 million images have been
analyzed with Aiforia and 400+
AI models developed.

Aiforia’s subscription period for the public offering has ended 8 December 2021

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