Financial Statements Bulletin 2023

Steady progress in building on the foundations for future growth.

About us

Aiforia is a medical software company that aims to transform pathology image analysis with the power of AI.

Aiforia equips pathologists and scientists in clinical, pre-clinical, and academic labs with powerful deep learning AI and cloud-based technology. Aiforia’s solutions strive to increase the speed, accuracy, and consistency of analyzing large and complex medical images, especially in pathology.

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Why Aiforia?


Continuously increasing cancer prevalence is putting strain on pathologists, who need better sample analysis methods to meet the demand. Digital pathology investments leaped forward with remote work needs during Covid-19 pandemic, which also generated significant interest to automating sample analysis digitally.


Aiforia has spent around a decade building image analysis software for medical research use, reaching a global user base among pathologists. With existing recognition and ability to easily create new image analysis models, Aiforia has quickly been adopted to use in clinical pathology (e.g. Mayo Clinic, NHS, Veneto).


Aiforia prioritizes clinical sales to largest cancer diagnostics providers, leveraging their position within pathology research to win new clinical customers. The company also continues to serve current and new larger research-customers to support product develpoment and open doors to new clinical customers.

Business model

Revenues are based on continuous and high gross margin software use in highly sticky healthcare customers, with significant scalability and profitability potential. Immediate focus is to secure a good market position with smart investments.


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