Aiforia as an investment

Aiforia as an investment

Digital transformation in pathology is evident. There's a high demand for solutions improving efficiency and precision in pathology workflows. Aiforia is well-positioned to lead the transformation to AI-powered pathology image analysis globally.

The challenge: Analog tools in a digital world

Pathologists are pivotal to the healthcare system, investigating and diagnosing patient samples to guide medical treatment. Aging populations and rising rates of diseases like cancer are creating a burden on healthcare systems around the world. The prevalence of cancer is expected to increase by 47.4% between 2020 and 2040, while the share of the population 65 years or over is expected to increase from 9.3% in 2020 to around 16.0% in 2050 globally.

These factors create an additional burden on pathologists, an already underrepresented group of healthcare professionals. Less medical doctors are specializing in pathology while sample numbers are on the rise, creating an imbalance. Exacerbating this disparity is the fact that pathologists have had to rely on the same technology for the past 150 years; manual slide analysis with microscopes is slow, manual, and prone to variability.

Our solution: AI-assisted analysis

Aiforia believes that automation, digital technology, and AI are in growing demand to alleviate the challenges faced by global healthcare systems. AI-based methods have the potential to standardize sample review by reducing bias while increasing the speed and accuracy of analysis — assisting the pathologist in their work and enabling precision diagnostics. Patients can receive diagnoses faster, are administered personalized treatments, and patient care is democratized.

Our mission: Data-driven healthcare

Aiforia wants to provide global access to AI-powered image analysis to be used by healthcare professionals and researchers within a broad spectrum of fields.

Our tools will improve their workflow efficiency and scalability — enabling new discoveries, better-informed decisions, and more personalized patient care.

Why invest in Aiforia?

Global momentum for automated sample analysis

Aging populations and rising rates of diseases like cancer are creating a burden on healthcare systems around the world. Continuously increasing cancer prevalence is putting strain on pathologists, who need better sample analysis methods to meet the demand. Digital pathology investments leaped forward with remote work needs during Covid-19 pandemic, which also generated significant interest to automating sample analysis digitally.

We believe that the industry is ready for paradigm-shifting technology to decrease the burden experienced by pathologists and patients alike.

Versatile software solutions from discovery to diagnostics

Aiforia has spent around a decade building image analysis software for medical research use, reaching a global user base among pathologists. With existing recognition and ability to easily create new image recognition models, Aiforia has quickly been adopted to use in clinical pathology around the world from major pharma and biotech companies to well-known academic research institutes.

Scalability potential in the business model

Our revenues are based on continuous and high gross margin software use in highly sticky healthcare customers, with significant scalability and profitability potential. Our immediate focus is to secure a good market position with smart investments.

We have multiple sales channels: direct and partner sales strategies are used for both preclinical and clinical customers. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners (e.g. manufacturers providing imaging devices that use our image analysis technology as part of their solution) negotiate directly with the potential customer, offering Aiforia as a third party software provider when the service is delivered.

Business model

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Management team

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