Corporate governance

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held within six months from the end of the financial period. The board of directors may decide to hold a general meeting without a venue so that the shareholders use their decision-making powers during the meeting fully and in an up-to-date manner through a telecommunication link and technical tool (remote meeting).

Notice to the General Meeting shall be delivered to the shareholders no earlier than three months before the meeting and no later than one week before the record date of the meeting under the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act. The notice shall be delivered by publishing it on the company’s website or by delivering the notice to each shareholder to the address recorded in the shareholder register by letter or by email.

The general meeting decides on the matters required by the Limited Liability Companies Act, such as the approval of the financial statements and the distribution of profits, the granting of discharge from liability to the members of the board of directors and the CEO, as well as the selection and remuneration of the company's board members and the auditor.

Annual General Meeting 2024 was held on April 4, 2024. Read more here.