Aiforia as an investment

Strategy and targets


Aiforia wants to revolutionize pathology image analysis with the power of AI to provide better care for every patient. The company's vision is to be the global leader in AI-powered pathology image analysis. 

Aiforia’s growth is supported by megatrends such as increasing rates of cancer and chronic diseases, aging populations, and personalized healthcare, which are increasing sample volumes at a time when certain geographic areas are experiencing a shortage of pathologists.

Strategic focus areas


Invest in sales, marketing and support services in US, Europe and other key markets to enable strong growth. Scale the business by acquiring new customers, increasing sales within individual accounts and establishing key strategic partnerships.


Invest in R&D to strengthen our competitive advantage (future-proof, transparency, ease of use, security) and continue developing features to further improve customer experience. Adopt new regulatory frameworks in key markets.


Invest in people management to improve employee experience and personnel productivity. Leverage our purpose-driven culture to attract and retain top-tier talent.

Business targets

Aiforia does not publish short-term outlooks or financial targets. However, the company has set short- and medium-term business targets.

Short-term business targets 2024–2025:

  • Expand pre-clinical offering with new AI models and study-centric GLP workflow
  • Expand clinical offering with 10 new regulatory-approved AI models
  • Form at least three new strategic partnerships
  • Achieve 15 key accounts (potential for over 500 EUR thousand in annual recurring revenue)
  • Achieve a positive cash flow from operating activities.

Mid-term business targets by the end of 2030:

  • Create a product offering that covers 80% of the pathologist’s diagnostic workflow
  • Achieve profitable business by the end of 2027
  • Achieve revenue of over EUR 100 million
  • Leverage technology beyond diagnostic support for pathologists
  • Achieve 50 key accounts (potential for over 500 EUR thousand in annual recurring revenue)

Previous targets add

Aiforia’s short-term business targets 2021–2023:

  • Obtain a CE-IVD marking for 6 AI models intended for clinical diagnostics (outcome: 5/6)
  • Acquire five customers in clinical diagnostics (outcome: 5/5)
  • Acquire ten large customers in the pharmaceutical industry (outcome: 10/10)
  • Reach more than 5,000 users (outcome: > 5,000 users)


Our mission is to transform pathology image analysis with AI, enabling better care for each patient.


We envision being the global leader in AI-powered pathology image analysis.


AI transformation

Cloud adaptation in healthcare

Aging population

Personalized healthcare

Rising healthcare costs

Shortage of pathologists

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