Aiforia in brief

Aiforia in brief

Aiforia is a trusted provider of deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for pathology. Aiforia delivers software solutions that elevate diagnostic capabilities in image analysis, enabling remarkable medical discoveries now and in the future. With thousands of AI models already developed on the Aiforia platform for research use and several diagnostic solutions deployed, Aiforia is already significantly impacting pathology and healthcare.

Founded in 2013, Aiforia is a publicly traded company operating internationally with thousands of platform users across the globe. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Rochester, Minnesota, and local representatives across Europe and North America. The diverse team at Aiforia includes experienced pathologists, medical scientists, AI and software developers, and a dedicated commercial team. Together, they are working to transform pathology with AI, enabling better care for each patient.


Aiforia’s mission is to transform pathology image analysis with AI, enabling better care for each patient.


Aiforia envisions being the global leader in artificial intelligence-powered pathology image analysis.

Aiforia's users around the world

Aiforia's cloud platform is used globally

5,000+ users

Pathologists, medical scientists, and researchers use Aiforia's AI and image analysis tools worldwide.

50+ countries

Aiforia's cloud-based software and services are used in over 50 countries across the world.

1 million+ images

Over 1 million images have been analyzed with Aiforia and 1,000+ AI models developed.

Business model

Aiforia offers a scalable business model based on SaaS (software as a service). Fees are both annual and usage based. The annual fee covers the usage of the platform and is determined by the amount of cloud storage as well as user numbers, while the usage-based fees are determined by the complexity of the customer’s project or analysis, and are based on prepayments.

Once the platform, AI-models and the respective viewers have been developed they can be sold widely without additional development costs. Outsourced cloud services enable low capex and very high capacity to meet customer demand.

Aiforia's customer stickiness is high - once software is integrated to laboratory use, there's high motivation to maintain it.

Aiforia has multiple sales channels: direct and partner sales strategies are used for both preclinical and clinical customers. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners (e.g. manufacturers providing imaging devices that use Aiforia image analysis technology as part of their solution) negotiate directly with the potential customer, offering Aiforia as a third party software provider when the service is delivered.

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