Investing in Aiforia

Why invest in Aiforia?

Digital transformation in pathology is evident. There's a high demand for solutions improving efficiency and precision in pathology workflows. Aiforia is well-positioned to lead the transformation to AI-powered pathology image analysis globally.

Value adding AI technology

Aiforia aims to transform image-based diagnostics by harnessing the power of AI to increase speed, accuracy and consistency of pathology workflows. By automating repetitive and laborious tasks pathologists have more time to focus on rare and complex cases, giving them confidence in their decision making.

Many benefits can also be experienced by patients and healthcare systems, such as decreased waiting times for diagnosis, reduced costs and more personalized treatments.
Pathologists deserve the best assistance possible to harness the full potential of their own expertise.

Versatile software solutions from discovery to diagnostics

In clinical diagnostics: expanding portfolio of CE-IVD marked solutions for cancer diagnostics
In preclinical research: cloud-based deep learning AI-powered image analysis platform, Aiforia Create, that is used by customers around the world from major pharma and biotech companies to well-known academic research institutes

  • Scales easily according to the user’s own needs, meaning there are few limitations to the complexity of analysis and results can be obtained faster than with traditional local software
  • Open API enables integration to any workflow
  • Internationally recognised certifications of Aiforia’s information security management compliant with ISO 27001:2013 and SOC2 Type II, as well as quality management system compliant with ISO 13485:2016 — an internationally recognised standard for medical devices

Approved by customers

  • Broad range of customer accounts in different geographies and fields
  • Prestigious hospitals, pharma companies and research centers as customers
  • Long-lasting customer relationships
  • Net promoter score over 70%

Resources to grow

  • Secured capital for growth
  • Team of experienced AI and software developers, pathologists, medical scientists, as well as an international commercial team
  • An Advisory Board composed of internationally recognized experts in the fields of pathology, medical image analysis, and cancer diagnostics